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Exclusive Distributor of SEVERIN SDA's HSCL is proud to present to you our latest range development: The Severin small domestic applia... Read Story

E-auto from the makers of e-cloth e-auto - specialist products to keep cars, bikes and boats clean and shiny. High performance ca... Read Story

Bio D: New range of Ethical Cleaning Products Bio D: New range of Ethical Cleaning and Laundry Products Bio-D is an independent, fami... Read Story

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During October we brought in a complete new range of electrical accessories from Status. There are new products including an upright tower extension cable, USB charger, 5m cable cassette and extensions sockets with no cable. Many of these products are also featuring in the Christmas promotion. View the complete range of STATUS products here: or for Trade Customers Read More

We now have a range of top selling Baumatic spares on stock and access to the entire Baumatic spares catalogue. This range covers dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, fridge freezers and many more. Visit: or our Trade Website: Read More

The PINGI Shoe Dry with flexible stretcher is an ingenious and practical device that dries shoes from the inside out and keeps them in optimal condition. The stretcher allows for optimal maintenance of the shoes shape. Suitable for large shoe sizes. Ideal to dry work boots or to dry sports shoes. Many people would like to wear their favourite pair of shoes every day. However, during the day transpiration and rain water are retained in the shoe. Usually, a drying period of one night is not... Read More

Cleaning the windows is a job we tend to leave until last as it can be quite difficult giving those upper windows a good old scrub. Window cleaning can often be a long process, as normally you need a ladder, bucket and sponge. Home Valetís amazing 3.5m Extended Window Cleaner is the solution to all window cleaning problems, ideal for upper windows, conservatories and skylights. The handy product is available at - so now thereís no excuse for not cleaning the window... Read More

Our new Consumables & Accessories catalogue is now available and it brings together our comprehensive range of home appliance accessories and consumables covering a wide variety of product categories. We have broken down the catalogue into numerous sections making it easier for you to find the products which you are looking for: Air & Water Purification Floor Care Garden & Outdoor Home Kitchen Laundry Click to view the Digital Edition. For more information visit our c... Read More

No matter how scented your detergent or fabric softener is, sometimes there is no hiding from that musty damp smell of your washing. This smell is a symptom of a washing machine which requires the Washer Magic touch! Saving energy costs from low temperature wash cycles can result in compromising the effectiveness of your washing machine. Low temperature wash cycles leave your washtub prone to mildew and detergent residue build-up, which can ultimately damage your laundry. Washer Magic eli... Read More

With many more of us now investing in bikes as part of keeping Britain green, cycling has never been so popular. There has been a 117% rise in cycling since 2000 according to the transport for London road network, and the number of bike owners has increased with many households having a minimum of 2 bikes per home. The only dilemma from this increase in bikes for many households is where to store them? This is where the Bike Hanger from Bruns can help. The Bruns Bike Hanger will... Read More

Foul odours, build up of grime but worried about hand cleaning the waste disposal unit? Disposer Care (SRP £3.99 Ė, the only product of its kind in the UK, eliminates offensive waste disposal odours Ė cleaning, de-odorising and removing all limescale in its path! Scientifically designed and tested to clean and deodorise waste disposal units Ė the powerful blue foaming action scrubs away food, grease and odours leaving a pleasant lemon fresh smell. Simple and e... Read More

Ok, itís a dishwasher cleaner and itís on a gift site! A little crazy I know, but hear me out on this one. For those who love a clean home for their family, this could be a simple, cheap and worthwhile little gift that should be appreciated! Dishwasher Magic is the only dishwasher cleaner available in the UK that also disinfects - as a result, killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria including E-Coli and Salmonella. Rust, calcium and limescale are also efficiently eliminated for improved water... Read More

Make your dad happy with great gift ideas from Fatherís Day is a great excuse to show your appreciation to your Dad. Whether itís decking out his tool shed, looking after his prized second set of wheels or helping him to dry out his golf shoes quickly. have a few gift suggestion that you can choose from to make his life easier. DIY DAD Bruns Tool Tidy - £22.98 The Bruns Tool Tidy is the ideal gift for any dad this Fatherís Day, especially those that... Read More

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