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Dylon...The Proof is in the Sheet!

Used today by over 1 million households, Dylon Colour Catcher & Ultra Whitener, with its revolutionary anti-transfer technology, aims to simplify consumers lives, saving time and money by allowing mixed colour wash loads and reducing the need to sort out laundry. Each pack contains 5 sheets.

Dylon Ultra Whitener + Oxi
(Part Number: 80686)

Easy to use triple action whitener that tackles stains and brightens whites.
The whitening agents from the unique blue sachet released into your wash keep your whites brilliant, fighting greying and dullness.
Use Ultra Whitener & Oxi Stain Removal regularly for brilliant and effective even at 30c.

  • Triple action whitener. Whitens, removes stains and fights greying
  • Convenient format drop in the wash t-bag
  • Dirt trapping agents for extra whitening
  • Oxygen based stain removal formulation
  • Effective at low temperatures
  • Visible proof blue sachet turns white

Buy Today for only 13.74 for a case of 6.

Dylon Colour Catcher + Oxi
(Part Number:80687)

Colour Catcher
is a revolutionary sheet that prevents colour runs, allowing mixed colour washes. Wash with confidence every time with maximum colour protection.
Each anti-transfer sheet is treated with a special ingredients that act like a magnet protecting your clothes by trapping loose dye and dirt during the wash. Each pack contains 5 sheets.

  • Developed to simplify your laundry, Colour Catcher & Oxi Stain Removal
  • Sachets allow you to mix washes, to keep your whites white and your colours bright, and at the same time to remove the toughest stains in one easy, ready to use sachet
  • The sachet contains stain removers rich in active oxygen. The powder immediately dissolves on contact with water, getting to the heart of your wash to un-stick the most difficult of stains, even at 30C
  • The Colour Catcher sachet acts like a magnet: it attracts the dye and holds it, protecting the laundry from discolouration. The proof is in the sachet!

Buy Today for only 17.94 for a case of 6.

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